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Home At Last

Hello, everyone, I have finally returned home safe and sound from my trip overseas and looking forward to getting a few games in over the holiday period and beyond. Six months away from the family and the, of course, the gaming table took its toll. However, I was very lucky to have old Leroy keep the blog going in my absence…thanks, Leroy. I have already started basing figures Leroy painted for me while I was away so when they are completed I will place them up.

This year is also going to be the year of the Sudan (or at least till June) were leading up to our Colonial Competition, myself and the other Loney Gamer Club members will be concentrating on building up our forces and terrain in order to have some really nice figures for the gaming weekend. So all or most of the images I will be placing up will from that period…so I have to stay focussed and not get sidetracked by other periods.

Anyway, I have placed up a couple of images from my deployment and yes that is me at the top. So please enjoy and hold tight for loads of gaming and figure reviews in the not too distant future.


22 thoughts on “Home At Last”

  1. Glad you are back on deck safe and sound after your deployment.

    You guys have done a great job!

    We will look forward to more updates from you soon.

    Happy Gaming,


  2. I'm very pleased you got back in one piece mate and I hope your comrades did also. I'm off to Tonga for a couple of years in mid-Jan but would love to catch up before hand and we can talk about the east. You'll have been missing the games.

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