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Gripping Beast – Hellenistic Thorakites

I have just managed to finish these guys before we pack up and leave Townsville for Singleton next week. The figures are from Gripping Beasts’ fantastic Successor Range. The figures themselves are Hellenistic Thorakites a form of armoured light infantry who were used to help support the flanks of the phalanx, in the later Hellenistic period. They are beautifully sculptured, easy to paint and I think the nicest Thorakites of any range I have seen thus far. The only issues I had was when scraping out the hands, of one of the figures, the hand broke off. But that was just me being a little ruff. I have painted the figures to represent figure 10a (Salmas) from plate 10 of the Montvert Publications ‘The Ptolemaic army’ Vol 2. and they are based for Warhammer Ancients either as skirmishers (two to a base) or as a formed light infantry regiment. But this might have to be my last post for the year, unless Leroy sends a few images through. So Merry Christmas to all the guys out there who have checked out and commented on my Blog and Happy New Year. Be well, enjoy life and play it safe.
All the best


9 thoughts on “Gripping Beast – Hellenistic Thorakites”

  1. Cheers Guys,

    Yep they are very nice figures alright and have to admit I do like the little fellas a lot. The unit pack I purchased was for twenty four pounds, and includes 20 x figures. It contains three command figures and 17 fighting men. The figures only come in two poses but each figure has two different head variants.


  2. Good Luck at Singho!

    I hope you keep up the posts when you are settled. This is one Miniature blog I realy enjoy visiting regularly.

    The figures look great!

    Happy Gaming,


  3. They're wonderful figures Vinnie – and nicely done up as usual. I feel your pain with the severed hand – I dropped my just finished Perry's Chasseurs command stand just after I finished it onto a tiled floor. Fair dinkum – you nearly did see a grown man cry!

    Heck of a time of year to be moving let alone to Singleton! Hope the move goes well – less of a truck to Cancon if you're going next year! I'm juggling posts (it may be my last for a week or so) painting and Christmas 'duties' too – so Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year to you and yours.


  4. Hello Doc,

    Great to hear someone else has had the same issues. I managed to fix the hand ok just made my own out of glue and then painted it. I am going to try and make CANCON just have to see how work goes.

    Thanks again for the comments on my blog and glad to hear you like it.



  5. Dean,

    Yep I think it allows you to move the troops around a bit easier as well and also allows to give a base a little of a diarma look/feel. Not sure if they would allow it in a competition though?

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