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Great Italian Wars

Last Sunday, Tim and I played a great double sized game of Basic Impetus, set during the Italian Wars. Tim wore the French blue and I wore Spanish red. As from the previous photos I had already set up the terrain and placed the down the opposing forces, however we allowed ourselves a little flexibility to replace the units how we saw fit and as per the normal basic set rules.

Tim placed his artillery and T Troops in great position, as I was to find out latter, to directly place well directed artillery and missile fire on to my large pike blocks. Unfortunately, my artillery was not positioned to take similar advantage as they were latter charged by one of his CP1 units and destroyed…well done Tim.

The main battle was however, in the centre where our large pike blocks went head-to-head against each other, pushing forward and backwards for at least six turns before one of my pike blocks was hit both front and flank…. though they did stand but only just.

By the final couple of turns we had both lost heavy with our troops, but the Spanish slowly gained the advantage and started to turn the tide……to win a Pyrrhic Victory at most. Well done Tim for putting up a gallant battle and for the great game.

The figure collection is on loan from my good friend Scott Robertson.

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