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Flames of War 28mm – D Day + 2


Well it is the long awaited battle report for our 28mm FOW game. This game was played by myself, Leroy Simpson, Peter Power and John, last Monday on the Queens Birthday Weekend. We decided to play 28mm FOW as Leroy has a great little collection which gets very little use. So we decided to drag it out of the cupboard and back onto the gaming table. Why FOW? Well in our long quest to find a decent Skirmish game – we failed, but most of us are very familiar with the FOW gaming system and we had tried it before in the past with 28mm. The system works just as well for 28mm as it does with 15mm. Changes again were the lengthening of the movement and shooting ranges (increase by one half) and the costing of vehicles. The cost of infantry platoons remained the same, but vehicles were reduced to the cost of one vehicle in stead of one platoon. This was done as to reduce the amount of tanks on the board. However if you prefer more vehicles and already have them painted up then there is no reason why you can not leave the cost the same.

The game was based on the D Day + 2. A depleted British Para Company of one platoon of infantry, a small platoon of pioneers, a recce patrol of one jeep and Company Headquarters were trying desperately to hang onto a crossroad. The German forces comprised of a Panzer Grenadier Platoon, Pioneer platoon, HMG platoon, one Panther and one Jagpanther, plus Company HQ. The German mission was to destroy the British Para’s before the British ground forces broke through. British ground forces consisted of a British Infantry Platoon. Vickers Platoon, Stuart Recce tank, Churchill Tank and a Cromwell.
Panzer Grenadier have pushed the Paras out of their positions.

The game played extremely well. First the Panzer Grenadiers moved slowly forward up the main road in hope of flushing out the Paras. Which they did taking the first two main buildings and pushed back the Para Platoon. Only in turn pushed back themselves by a counter attack from the Pioneer platoon. While the battle for the crossroads was taking place the German Pioneer Platoon pushed on down the eastern road in hope of acting as a blocking force against a possible attack by British ground forces or against the withdrawal of the Paras. However there was no luck there – the British ground forces broke through before the Pioneers had time to establish a defensive position. By the end of the afternoon we ended up calling the game a draw. Half the town was in possession of the Germans and the other half by the Paras. Plus with the Panther taking a hits from two PIATs and the crew forced to bail, we called it a draw.

German Pioneers advance towards the enemy.

The Jagpanther offers close support for the Panzer Grenadiers.
British Paras counter attack against the German positions.

British Infantry break through the German lines and advance towards the crossroads.

German Panzer Grenadiers. (1st Corp and Blacktree design)

Panzer Grenadiers advance towards the village.

Pioneers reach the platoon FUP and make their final preparations for the attack.

1st Corps British Paras.

The German HMG Platoon takes up position behind a hedgerow and offers fire support to the Panzer Grenadiers.
The Panther slowly moves forward down a very tight lane.

6 thoughts on “Flames of War 28mm – D Day + 2”

  1. To be honest I really do not like the FOW rules and still feel that 28mm WWII should be more of a skirmish game but the FOW do work for a quick game especially with the upsize ranges!

  2. Hey mate. Love your site and the report on the QLD convention.
    As far as 28mm Skirmish is concerned I suggest you have a peek at GEG's "Rules of Engagement" set. I bought it for a giggle a few days ago and have since ordered 10mm figures for it as I'm rather spatially challenged! It's specifically written for 28mm though so why not have a look?
    I've also written a review on our The Strategon blog if you'd like a peek.
    Keep up the good work!

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