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Ensigns of the 1st/24th Warwickshire Regiment – Empress Miniatures

I have been quite busy these last couple of days trying to finish painting and basing stands for my Zulu War collection. Last week I finished the command stand and this week I have just completed two Ensigns for the 1st/24th Foot, which I intend to use this weekend in our rather largish Zulu War game. So please enjoy.


0 thoughts on “Ensigns of the 1st/24th Warwickshire Regiment – Empress Miniatures”

  1. Always a joy to see Empress miniatures painted to such a high standard and I love the idea of them basing together – perfect for rallying around the colours or a last stand; I shall certainly be borrowing that, if I may? May I also ask about the colours themselves? They look hand painted or have you painted over pre-painted flags? Either way the result is stunning!

  2. Michael

    No worries use any of my ideas, I am glad I can inspire you. Your are correct in regards to the flags. They were once printed but then I painted over them just to improve the colour.

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