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Empress Miniatures – Mounted Infantry Anglo-Zulu War 1879

Ah sorry Lads for the major break in posts, we have had a little family holiday then I have just been re basing a few figures and painting a couple of commissions…nothing worth posting. However I did manage to drop around to Leroy Simpson’s house over the weekend and picked up these lovely lads….Empress Miniatures Imperial Mounted Infantry for the Anglo-Zulu War. Leroy had painted them a couple of months ago and I had recently posted a few images of the figures dismounted. They are great figures with beautiful detail. My intention is to use them for Anglo-Zulu and the 1st Boer War.

Empress produce to packs for the Imperial Mounted infantry, each of two figures. The officer is sold separately as a mounted and dismounted figure pack.


10 thoughts on “Empress Miniatures – Mounted Infantry Anglo-Zulu War 1879”

  1. Having the matching mounted and dismounted figures is perfect for gaming and thankfully Empress do this for a lot of their Zulu War range.
    A superb paint job on these for your collection.

  2. Thanks for the cooments Guys I will pass them onto Leroy. Yes Empress are a fantastic range, and a joy to paint. I will have a heap of their ECW range arriving in the next couple of days so I am looking forward to seeing them.

    Thanks again


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