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Early War French Infantry – WWI

An now for something different…..These fine bunch of fellows I have just finished painting are some WWI Early War French from Renegade Miniatures. I often thought the French during this period have been very unrepresented in war gaming circles as I have not often seen them battle out against the dreaded ‘Hun’ for sometime. So I decided to purchase a few and paint something different for a change. I have completed twenty five so far with two machine gun teams and a platoon of Senegalese colonial troops to finish the project. Hopefully they will not take too long. Once finished they will be thrown into the front line and hopefully push old ‘Frizie’ back. 

I was going to place some grass and other bits on the bases but after dry brushing them I think they might be ok….however I am open for suggestions.

                                           Company HQ – Capt, Major and Sgt Major

The men


13 thoughts on “Early War French Infantry – WWI”

  1. Beautiful work Nathan, you can understand why they changed their uniforms so quickly as it is hard to slip quietly anywhere in that get up let alone avoiding heavy machine gun fire!

  2. Hi Vinnie:
    I agree that we don't see enough of early War French – I suspect most of us choose the BEF when doing this period. You've done a terrific job on these soldats de la France, great colour and animation on the faces. Looking forward to seeing them in battle.

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