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Early Imperial Roman Auxiliary Infantry

These fine Aventine Miniatures EIR Auxiliary Infantry are not my figures nor did I paint them, however I did just finish rebasing them for Impetvs and for a goos friend at the club. I have never seen the Aventine figures before and I must say I was impressed with the fine detail and how well cast the figures seem to be. So as every good wargaming does…I went straight to the site and wrote up a wish list for sometime in the future…or maybe a Christmas present??? Who knows I may get lucky if I play my cards right. These fellows will be on the gaming table tomorrow against some mad Dacians so we will see how they go.


7 thoughts on “Early Imperial Roman Auxiliary Infantry”

  1. They are really nice, and the basing is fantastic too, perfect for them. I have some of these figures ready to be painted to be used with "War & Conquest", and I´m really happy with the Aventine Miniatures models despite the fact they have not many options for these figures, only standing and advancing/attacking with spears.

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