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Early Achaemenid Persian Spearmen – 1st Corps Miniatures

This will most likely be my last post for the next four weeks as I am heading away again for work. However these lovely 1st Corps Achaemenid Persian Spearmen were painted by the talented Leroy Simpson over ten years ago and have changed hands many times since. Originally based for Warhammer Ancients but then rebased by Scott Robertson for Impetvs. I intend to use them in my Later Persian Impetvs Army as either Guard Infantry with bow or Kardaces equipped as peltasts. Then again in the Basic Impetvs list they can be simply Levy spearmen…….so many decisions. 

The skirmishers I will just play as Armenian or Kappadokian skirmishers armed with javelin.


11 thoughts on “Early Achaemenid Persian Spearmen – 1st Corps Miniatures”

  1. Leroy Simpson did a great job painting these figures ten years ago…amazing! and regardless which morale/troop type/class they are meant to represent under impetvs rules sets they look great and the colours used on the models/miniatures also look awesome!…so on that note :o) ..Thanks for sharing this post to us followers! :o)


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