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Dust Warfare

Our second game we played over the weekend was this fantastic looking game of ‘Dust Warfare’. This was the first time I had ever played this game and a long time I had played a game of weired war with zombies, war walkers and lasers etc…..However I would have to admit I did have a lot of fun.

The terrain and figures were all part of Scott Robertson amazing collection. He has scratch built all the building including the fantastic building pictured above. But the statue below is one of the many ‘Dust Warfare’ terrain pieces you can purchase from the company.

The game we played was from one of the ‘Dust Warfare’ scenario books which involved the Russian’s, Germans and Allied forces fighting for a piece of alien technology which was located in the central park. Andrew Parr played the Germans, Scott the Russian and Myself the Allied forces.

By the end of about three hours of battle I was the final winner with the major part of my army in and around the central park…..victory for the Allied Forces and one of my very few wins. I also loved the factory Scott has built above.

Russian and Allied walkers/mechs pictured above and below.

German heavy laser team

Scott’s amazing Dust Warfare terrain

A Russian squad observing the battlefield

Another Russian squad moves up

An Allied squad tries to storm a building

My ever victorious army taking the central park

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