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Dismounted Confederate Cavalry – Old Glory Miniatures

Finally back home and I have been able to base some newly painted Confederate dismounted cavalry. The figures have been painted by Leroy Simpson for my ACW collection and as usual Leroy has done a fantastic job on these lads. 

I have been reading a few posts on TMP lately and they seem to bag the Old Glory ranges of figures, however over the last couple of years Myself and the lads here in Townsville have painted quite a few Old Glory figures and we have been very happy with how they have turned out. The figures, compared to the more recent ranges may seem out dated however they still offer a fantastic range of multiple poses, in one pack, then any other manufacture I can think of. Plus you can not go past the multiple periods they produce and the value for money. So in other words I am very happy thus far with the Old Glory ranges I have painted and had painted.

Leroy has painted two units of twelve dismounted cavalry for me, with my intention to paint at least two more units so that we can play some of the great little cavalry actions of the ACW, which to be neglected by most gamers. Our first will be tomorrow night, so stayed turned as there are more images to come.


14 thoughts on “Dismounted Confederate Cavalry – Old Glory Miniatures”

  1. These look great. 🙂 Old Glory seem to paint up very nicely indeed, and they have such a large and full range. It's good to see painted examples, I'd like to get some ACW Union and a lot of their Colonial stuffs.

  2. OG work well enough in most situations and for the price take an awful lot of beating, tmp seems to be more and more a series of white noise posts.
    Leroy has proven they stand up well

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