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Defending the Pass

Last night the lads from the Lonely Gamers Club played a small colonial game, some where in the rugged hills of Afghanistan. There mission was to clear the hills leading up to the pass (way at the end of the table) and push onto relieve the besieged British forces.  To tell the truth it was not really that small of a game. The British forces had four regular companies (including the elite 92nd Highlanders – who were soon wiped out in the second turn), three companies of Indians, one Gurkha company, a section of artillery and a Bengal lancer squadron. 

The Afghans on the other hand fielded a mightily force – six companies of regulars, one Highland Guard company (out from Kabul), two sections of artillery, two cavalry units, two tribal warrior clans and two units of deadly warrior marksmen…..could the boys clear those hills????

At first the battle went well for the Empire…until the second turn when the 92nd was over whelmed by a swarm of warriors, hiding on the other side of a crest. Also the Afghan artillery laid down some very actuate fire onto the advancing British companies causing considerable causalities…there was serious discussions of possible Russian advisors in the hills???

However the other lads pushed on clearing the rough ground to their front of Afghan marksmen and pushed up to take the first of many ridge lines, but will heavy causalities.  On the left flank of the British line the Indian Brigade pushed up to clear the other ridge line of Afghans….only to be confronted by sustained accurate fire from Afghan Regulars hidden in the defiles and rough ground.

The Afghan Guards charged down through the defiles and into the Gurkha’s, and after a fierce hand to hand fight managed to push the Gurkhas back. However the Guards were charged in turn and routed from the field, by some skillful fighting by the Indians.

By the end of turn seven and the last for the night the Empire forces had managed to gain and hold two of the ridge lines leading through to the pass, but failed to take the objective. They did however manage to inflict enough causalities on the Afghans to force them to withdraw and win a minor victory……another two two turn I think and the outcome may have been different..

The charge that overwhelmed the 92nd Highlanders

The last charge of the gallant 92nd

Afghan tribal artillery fires down on the advancing British forces

The warriors are pushed back by the steady, no nonsense British regulars

Afghan warriors snipe the advancing English

Royal Artillery shell the enemy held heights

Afghan regular cavalry

Afghan Guard prepare to charge down from the heights

Tribal cavalry

The Afghan Guards charge and in a fierce hand to hand battle defeat the Gurkhas, but are defeated in turn by supporting Indian troops

British regulars take the first ridge line

Afghan regulars charge Indian troops


15 thoughts on “Defending the Pass”

  1. Indeed a mighty game, shame the Afghans didn't show some backbone, running away from a few Indians sheech I am sure there will be some justice meted when they get back to camp for failing their jihad lol


  2. WOW!!!!!!! Now, that's what Colonial gaming should look like! I love the NW Frontier… Seeing your stuff makes me want to drag all my unpainted Afghan War kit out and start on it, but sadly, I have no opponents round here…

  3. Thanks for all the great comments guys and happy to hear you all enjoyed the images. Colonial has been one of my favourite periods for the last few years and my collections seems to grow with each passing day.



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