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Dead Man's Hand

Last night I played my first game of Dead Man’s Hand…I got slaughtered in all three scenes we played but thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The rules, turn sequence, and game was very easy to learn and after the second scene we new how the game run without looking too much in to the rules. I would definitely recommend the game for anyone wanting a break from the normal large scale battles. 

 Our little town set up for the game. Each scene does have a basic town layout but we just used the same town for each one.

Scene one was a standard straight up and shoot out in the street…I lost. My man is the fuzzy guy in the distance.

Scene two involved five gunmen from each side shooting it out in the buildings and main street.

All figures from the two gangs were painted by Leroy Simpson and were from Jeff and Harrison Smiths’ collections.

The final scene involved all gang members from both sides. You can have more involved however that involves having a few more figures painted. We however only just had the standard gangs from the DMH’s sets.

Hostage taken

Again my last man standing…..I knifed the guy in front but went down in the next turn with four bullet holes in my chest.


13 thoughts on “Dead Man's Hand”

  1. Looks absolutely fantastic! I had to show my better half and she agreed to. Dead Man's Hand is on my list of things to do and this post provides major inspiration. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the great comments guys. The DMH system is quite fun and I think a good introduction for the young lads out there….cheep figures and rules, fast and easy set of rules is always a thumbs up for me.



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