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Dead Man's Hand with New Terrrian and New Figures

Hello everyone I am back in town again for another month and will hopefully be able to play a few games over the Christmas break with our new figures and terrain. So last night at the club my good friend Jeff Smith ran a fantastic DMH game using some of that fantastic 4Ground Wild West terrain he  had recently purchase and a couple of newly painted gangs. Jeff ran the game for Terry Moran and Kiwi Dave (also known as Dave the Destroyer), who both have never played this type of game before.

So gangs were set up starting with scene one and going through to scene three. I am unsure who won the game but I think they seemed to have enjoyed the experience as there was a fair bit of laughter and bantering going on from their direction. Jeff thank you again for running the game and providing the fantastic building…….might have to order some myself for a Christmas present.


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