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Confederate Cavalry – Perry Miniatures

I have just finished painting and basing this fine Confederate Regiment for a good friend of mine at the club. It is the first time I have painted any cavalry figure including the horses for a very long time, as I am normally an infantry man (a little easier to paint). To be honest I have always been a little scared of painting horses…..but considering I think I did not do to badly?

I have not painted the figures to represent any particular Confederate Regiment but rather a generic unit so as to fit into any ACW game we play. So hopefully I have the colours and uniforms correct or close as possible. The Perry plastics were quite nice to paint and were very easy to put together. So if you were thinking about grabbing a pack they are highly recommended…. please enjoy.


11 thoughts on “Confederate Cavalry – Perry Miniatures”

  1. They look pretty good vinny well done. I still don't know why you and Leroy paint the whites in the horses eyes the only time you see that is when they are shit scared, your choice I suppose.

  2. Ah Eddie you are such a perfectionist..They are riding into battle my good man..shot and shell landing all around. But they are the first horses I have painted for some time.



  3. Thanks for the comments guys next I am painting some Union and Confederate commands so hopefully in the next few days I will have the images up for you as well.



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