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Colonial Casualty Markers – Old Glory

Just before I left for PNG Leroy Simpson completed some very nice Old Glory Miniatures casualty markers for me to add to my Colonial collection. Again Leroy has done a fantastic job in panting these lads and again Old Glory have designed some great figures for this period. Initially the figures have been manufactured for either the Great Boer War or NWF. However I asked Leroy to paint a few with scarlet jackets so to use in a number of ‘Victoria’s Small Wars’ where they still wore this jacket. Thus they can be used for the Anglo-Zulu, 1st Boer, Anglo-Egyptian and Sudan Wars….thanks Leroy. 


11 thoughts on “Colonial Casualty Markers – Old Glory”

  1. Thanks everyone for the great comments, which I will pass onto Leroy. I agree the old dice we all used to use does not quite look the part these days and a batlefield covered in casualty markers is quite sobering. I do the same for my ACW games.

    All the best and happy gaming


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