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Clearing the Mahdi from the Nile – 1884


Three days ago myself and a few of the boys (Scott Robertson, Brian Buskell and Stan) got together and played this fairly large Sudan Colonial game. With four players playing at once and loads of figures I decided to place the Nile River (not to scale) down the middle of the table and run two separate games at the same time. On the left bank Scott played the Mahdi and Brian the British. On the right side of the Nile Stan was the Mahdi and I the Egyptian Forces.

The plan was for myself and Brian to move up to the end of the table, destroy all the Mahdi forces encountered and take the villages on either side of the river…simple

No not really it game proved quite a challenge for both of us, each of the Mahdi forces were equipped with a battery of artillery, cavalry, riflemen and hordes of screaming fearless warriors. I managed to reach half way along the right side if the Nile only to be overwhelmed by countless hordes. My troops virtually fought to the last man…but I got a few of the them as well.

Brian’s British forces however proved to be of sterner stuff and managed to reach the objective, kill numerous warriors and become victorious…however he did loose all his cavalry and a company of highlanders. In the end it was a victory and a loss for both sides and heaps of fun for the guys.

Both Allied forces are deployed and the two objectives can be seen at bottom edge of the photo.

Brian Naval Brigade machine gun battery (Perry Miniatures)

Another of Brian’s nice little Sudan collection – 7 pound screw gun battery (Perry Miniatures)

One of the two Mahdi gun batteries from Brains collection (Perry miniatures)

Hussars about to be overrun by Mahdi warriors

The Egyptian left flank crumbles

A bird’s eyes view of my side of the table and the pre-cursor to the Egyptian collapse

While the Egyptians struggle to survive the British a still holding their own quite easily

A nice view of the battlefield

Almost surrounded the remaining Egyptian troops fight to the last

The Mahdi break through the British line and swarm over the first company of Highlanders forcing them to retire, but they soon are shot down by the second Highland company in reserve.

The end of my Egyptian troops..they died like heroes.

20 thoughts on “Clearing the Mahdi from the Nile – 1884”

  1. Beautiful stuff as always Vinnie! Great table and what a collection you guys have got! I note your Egyptian cuirassiers look very good but appear to be running away – pity but it can have been easy being boiled alive under all that chainmail in the desert sun!


  2. Thanks for the comments guys hopefully I have inspired a few to take up the period.

    Doc the Egyptian cuirassiers are indeed running away they were caught in column and did not stand a chance…first battle and they run….buggar

  3. A great looking game, and plenty of drama too. I've played many a Sudan game, and with variable fortune. Some days I've been victorious, other times my lads might as well not have got out of bed. Anyways, thanks for sharing.

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