Chosen Korean Army Flags – Painted by Leroy Simpson

We have all seen in my previous posts some of Leroy Simpson’s great Perry Miniatures collection on the Korean Chosen Army. Well now Leroy has, after months of research, painted some fantastic flags for his army. They have all been painted free hand and Leroy has said that if you can down load them from this blog then feel free. Leroy also mentioned that some of the fine detail will be lost if you down size them to much.

6 thoughts on “Chosen Korean Army Flags – Painted by Leroy Simpson”

  1. Christopher(aka Axebreaker)

    Wow!That's some great stuff!I'm currently collecting Samurai and I plan on collecting Koreans as well to enact their struggles.This is some serious inspiration.:-)


  2. AJ (Allan) Wright

    Amazing figures. The flags are fantastic as well. It's a great thing that Leroy has chosen to share them with the Internet community. To insure they are enjoyed by the most wargamers, Leroy might consider donating the files to warflag.com.

  3. Thanks everyone, a word of warning, finding info on the Korean's for this period is not the easiest thing even when you use korean friends. The basis for these standards is several images from museums, ceremonies at Gyeonbokgung a the Korean TV series on Yi Soon Shin. I have since learnt that these are still usable but may be closer to standards from a slightly later period. One the bright side all my annoying emails to the Perry's has meant they are putting together their own standards from the period and these should be available soon. Thanks Alan!

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