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Chancellorsville – 2nd Battle of Our ACW Campaign


Last night the lads at the club played their second battle of our ACW campaign. The battle was for the import crossroads at Chancellorsville and was fought over by a brigade each of Union and Confederate troops. Brian playing for the Union fielded six infantry regiments, a battery of guns and a cavalry regiment. Josh fielded almost the same size brigade however I think a couple of is units were slightly larger.

With both sides using the Orange Turnpike crossroads as their objective it was a fairly straight forward battle, Josh coming out of the think forest to the east of the Chancellorsville and Brian trying to hold firm on the ground he already held.

Josh’s Brigade took the offensive on all turns, slowly pushed through the dense shrub and through the open fields and took the fight to the Federals. Always on the attacked the Confederates slowly push back Brian’s right flank, eventually causing two regiments to leave the field in haste.

However this was not without heavy loss one of Josh’s regiments suffered 50% causalities trying to capture Brian’s gun battery. The remaining units of Brian’s Brigade eventuality were able to disengaged and withdraw from the battlefield with no further losses.

Josh’s Brigade start to deploy into line

Union Cavalry rushes forward to cover a gap in the Federal left flank

Union regiments stand firm behind a fence and fire into the approaching Confederate ranks advancing down the Orange Turnpike Road

One of three desperate charges made by the Confederates onto Brian’s guns..all were forced back by double loads of canister

Not been able to carry the guns Josh then swung his attack onto the supporting infantry

Every attack defeats the Federal regiments on the Union right flank, eventually forcing both from the field

With the Union right flank gone and Confederates overlapping the line, it was time to pull back to fight another day. Loses for the day were not too server with the Confederates total losses at 250 and the Union at 450, killed, wounded and missing


19 thoughts on “Chancellorsville – 2nd Battle of Our ACW Campaign”

  1. Thanks for the comments Guys Regimental Fire & Fury were the rule set we used for the game. Still trying to eget our heads around a few little rules that we seem to miss, but other then that a great set.

    lads had a good time at it as well.

    All the best


  2. Pascal

    At the start of the campaign all units were classed as 2nd Rate and as the campaign continues regiments will gain experience, depending on how well they have preformed during that battle. I have also got a point system were each side gains a certain amount of points if they win or loose. These points are then spent on upgrades for the units under their command.



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