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Chain of command – Malaysia 1941

Another great day of gaming Chain of Command with Scott and Dylan, but this time we jumped forward to 1941 and fought against the rapid advance of the Imperial Japanese Army in Malaysia.

For both games, I played the Australian defender and Dylan the mighty Japanese, and damn hard they were to play against.

In the first game, I captured two Japanese jump-off points, killed a senior leader, and caused some very heavy casualties but was not able to break the Japanese morale before I had to withdraw my troops back to another defensive position.

In the second game, I managed again to kill another senior leader and two other squad leaders, plus break two squads of Japanese troops, however again the Japanese won the battle.

My boy’s AT rifle hit their tank several times in both games but to no real effect. Next time I think I need to take at least a 2pdr.

Either way two fantastic games. The fantastic figures are from Dylan’s collection and the terrain is from Scott’s collection. Many thanks again Scott and Dylan for a fabulous day of gaming.

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