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Captain Mainwaring's Home Guard Platoon

Just before I set out for another trip over to beautiful PNG I managed to slip over to Leroy Simpsons’ house and snap a few images of some of the fine figures he has been painting for commissions. One of his latest commissions is for our friend Gavin Shanks who Leroy has painted the fantastic Bolt Actions Dad’s Army Home Guard Platoon box set for and Leroy has done again an outstanding job. 

Years ago Leroy painted up his own set of Home Guard figures however they were from the very nice Wargames Foundry set and I believe both sets are equally the same in style and character. I hope Gavin enjoys the figures and that they will soon see a little action on the ‘Home Front’


12 thoughts on “Captain Mainwaring's Home Guard Platoon”

  1. Wonderful stuff Nathan.

    I have that original Home Guard platoon from Leroy still and they do look the part. Do you remember he also painted up the Air Civil Defence platoon?

    Lovely figures from such an iconic series!!

  2. Thanks everyone for the comments I will pass them on to Leroy.

    Carlo I will have to have another look at the Air Civil Defence figures. I do not recall them but I am sure they would look great.

    Thanks again


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