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Call to Arms – Northern General Colonial Competition 2013

At the same time that the Flames of War competition was going on I ran a little colonial competition. We had only six players (so very small) which is not a bad outcome for North Queensland seeing that not to many wargame in this period.

The competition only ran for the Saturday, with three games each played by the six fine fellows who played. All games played for only six turns with set armies and scenarios for each of the three tables. The guys played a scenario each and played a different army each time. The armies used were Italian, British, Egyptian and Mahdi. 

The follow day the winner was announced, ‘Kiwi Dave’ Hancox and Josh coming a close 2nd….both players had only played one game each before entering the competition so well done those men. Once the winners were announced we enjoyed a large game combining the majority of the figures used in the competition. Included in this post are a few images I took from all the three tables games throughout the day. My next posting I will place up our Sundays’ game.

The middle table saw Egyptians Vs the might of the British Empire

On the third table the forces of the Mahdi fought against the British invaders

And finally on the first table it was Italians Vs the Madhi

Andrew Parr (the mastermind behind Fortune & Glory rules) vs Gerry Webb of Cast-a-Way Arts

Here he is ‘Kiwi’ Dave or ‘Cyclone’ Dave after his performance during the comp.


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  1. adeptgamer,

    I am sorry but Dave is correct we are a long way away from the UK but please drop in if you can make to North Queensland.

    Thanks Dave you beat me to it.

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