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BRitish airborne

Another basing project was completed last week, the fantastic Empress Miniatures British Airborne range from their excellent Kickstarter. I have based the British Airborne Platoon on the Army list from the Chain of Command base rules which, consists of three sections (two of an LMG and Rifle Team and one with two LMG Teams), a sniper team, PIAT Team, 2” mortar Team, and Platoon HQ. In addition, there is a Flamethrower Team, Vickers MMG Team, and a 6-pounder AT Team (and a Jeep plus crew when towing).

The figures have again been painted by Leroy Simpson, our local painter here in Townsville, and based by me. The intent is not to utilise the British Paras in my collection for either the Sicilian or Italian campaigns…however, I am sure they will also end up somewhere in Normandy.

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