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Boer War British Lancers – Old Glory Miniatures

My second post for today is yet another fine unit painted by Brian. Brian has painted these lovely lads as the NSW Lancers for the 2nd Boer War. He has done only a small conversion on the figures and that was to scrape off the chain mail fringes on the jackets. No pendants were placed on the lancers during this period or were very rarely taken. I suspect to hide the fact that they were caring them from the Boer who did not like them at all. Again this unit will see some action very soon in one of our next games.


8 thoughts on “Boer War British Lancers – Old Glory Miniatures”

  1. Brian is a talented chap. Might be worth taking a dry thick brush and lightly dusting the figures to remove what looks like flecks of stray ballast from the basing. Otherwise, brilliant job, a fine unit.

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