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Boer Wagon Laager

Sorry I have not place many posts in the last month but my new employment has taken me away from home and wargaming a month at a time……sorry excuse I know. However over the last couple of days I have manage to build and complete a nice little wagon laager for my Boers. I have been wanting to make one of these for sometime now but never actually got around to it, to many projects like the rest of us. The wagons are from the 4Ground wagon sets, which go easily together and the base I made from scratch. The painting on the wagons however is a little dodgy it is not my greatest strength. But if you are planning on gaming in the Anglo-Zulu or the Anglo-Boer wars the laager is I feel a must for the gaming table.

Stage 1 wagons completed

 Stage 2 wagons painted and tarps added to the wagons
Stage 3 all completed with a light wash to finish
 Then add the Boers and they are ready for battle


15 thoughts on “Boer Wagon Laager”

  1. Thanks for the great comments everyone I never thought a boer laager would bring so many responses. The decision to make the laager arose after reading through a number of books on the Anglo boer war and learning that there were numerous raids and attacks on boer positions which involved a laager. Then of course it can be used when fighting against the Zulus for both the British and boers.

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