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Blood on the Banks of the Buffalo River (Anglo – Zulu War)

On the banks of the Buffalo River was a nice little game the lads at the club played last night. The scenario was for the Anglo column to cross the Buffalo River and capture the ridge line on the other side, defeating the Zulu Impi’s as they went.

All went well for the British until the first of the invasion force (three units of mounted units) crossed over into Zululand and were soon attacked by a large and well lead Impi of young Zulu warriors. The mounted troops soon remounted their horses an fled back across the Buffalo and took up a more secure position. 

However soon after the mounted troops withdraw five companies of the Natal Native Contingent advanced across the river and they too came under repeated attacks from the same Zulu Impi. But these natives were well lead and for the entire game held their ground against overwhelming odds.

Next to cross and last in the order of march were six companies of the 1st Battalion 24th Foot. These boys were veteran troops and had seen many battles in southern Africa, however they had never faced the Zulu warrior before. The British firepower proved strong and effective against the dense Zulu formations but the Zulus blood was up and their homeland invaded….the British invasion force was pushed back across the Buffalo on all fronts and failed to take the ridge line, leaving a hard earned victory to the Zulus.

Young Zulu warriors keen to blood their spears charges the dismounted Imperial Mounted Infantry

The Zulu impetus proves too unnerving for the mounted troops and they soon all flee back across the Buffalo

Three units flee away from the Zulu horde 

And take up firing positions in a more easily defendable post where their carbines can do more damage.

Next to come under attack was the NNC on the banks of the Buffalo.

These brave fellows manage to hold the Zulus on very turn and even put in a few charges of their own. A number of companies were eventually overrun but their sacrifice most likely saved the British invasion force from annihilation.

Four companies of the 24th Foot cross to add support and firepower to the NNC.

But soon another Zulu impi appears and the whole Anglo line is under a determined zulu attack  

Steady lads


With casualties and pressure mounting all across the line the mounted troops charge in to support the hard pressed NNC.

The right flank is saved…for there moment however another Zulu impi surges forward over the ridge line and charges the thin red line.

Volley after volley if fired into the mass however the Zulus, keen for blood, surge forward regardless of casualties and into the British line

The battle for the ridge is long and hard however Zulu numbers prove to much for the gallant veteran’s of the 24th.

And they are forced back across the Buffalo

The invasion fails…..well for this column at least and the Zulu homeland is safe for the moment.


17 thoughts on “Blood on the Banks of the Buffalo River (Anglo – Zulu War)”

  1. Hello guys thank you for the great comments. All Zulus are plastic warlord figures and our rules are call breach loader and rifle. It is basically a club set but plays well.



  2. Thanks again everyone for your great comments. I love the colonial period for wargaming and I hope I have inspired others to venture into the frantistic period.



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