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Birthday – SAGA


Last Sunday afternoon Jeff and Josh dropped round my place to celebrate Jeff’s birthday and play a 6pt SAGA game. I set the table up for them and Jeff supplied the two armies, one Viking and the other Anglo-Dan.

The scenario played was to kill the Warlord, this proved difficult for both players as their Warlords were constantly held back from direct combat and often shielded by levy or warriors. So the game came down to you could kill as many of the other as possible to gain victory through points achieved. 

The game could have gone either way but in the end Jeff’s final charge did not accumulate enough points for victory and his ‘birthday’ end in a loss on the battlefield by only 1.5pts. So victory went to Josh and his Anglo-Danes. I have thus placed a few images from the game for you and hopefully encourage a few more gamers to the SAGA table.


7 thoughts on “Birthday – SAGA”

  1. Too late to encourage me sir, I've been well and truly sitting at the table for some time now. Regardless, your eye candy is always worth the visit. Thanks for sharing!

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