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Battlefield Clutter – Bush and Rock Clusters

I was a little bit naughty today and instead of painting more British Napoleonic infantry for a good friend of mine…sorry Carlo, I made a few pieces of battlefield clutter to throw onto the tabletop. Ever since I read “A Military Gentleman’ by John Ray I have been inspired by the amazing terrain and have been wanting to build a few such terrain pieces myself. 

So these seven small rock and tree clusters were my first attempt to produce something to replicate the images from John’s book. It is amazing what some rubberise horse hair, rocks from the garden and some floor mat and produce in such a short period of time..only 24 hours. Hopefully some of them will be on the table this coming Wednesday. So please enjoy the images regards…Vinnie


11 thoughts on “Battlefield Clutter – Bush and Rock Clusters”

  1. They look fantastic Nathan and a very good idea. The John Ray book is one of the best "wargaming" style books I have ever had the pleasure to read…and yes you are naughty! Lol

  2. Thanks for the comments guys. They were very easy ti make and I think the longest part was cutting out the bases…..and I only watched as Leroy did the work…I do not own a jigsaw.



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