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Battle of Rejjaf 1897


Last night myself, Brian Buskell and Stan Crabbie played a nice Colonial game based on the Battle of Rejjaf, fought on the 17th February 1897 on the upper Nile, between the Congo Free State and Mahdists forces. The Belgian Army made up of 7 companies of ‘Force Publiqe’, a mountain gun battery and 2 warrior units of Azande tribesmen had the mission of breaching the high ground to their north and capture the town.

The Mahdists forces however had to defend hills and town and stop the Belgian advance up the Nile and into the lower Sudan. Brian commanded the Madhists forces made up of 8 warrior units, three units of riflemen and an artillery battery.

Our battle was fought much as history remembers….well for at least a number of turns. The Belgians moved forward and took one of the heights and forced the Mahdist artillery to retreat leaving behind one of their guns. However as in history the Mahdi forces advance forward in strong numbers to the Belgian’s front and onto the left flank of the Belgian Army.

For a number of turns the repeated attacks on the Belgian‘s were held in check but the overwhelming numbers of Mahdi warriors overcome the Belgians and forcing them to retreat.

Start of the Belgian advance to disaster

Mahdist riflemen hold the hills to the north of the Belgians

Mahdist artillery and the Army Emir – Muhammad Ali Badi

Belgian allied warriors – Azande warriors looking very much like Zulus

Proud Force Publique troops advance onto the high ground

Belgian mountain battery offers support to the hard press troops

High ground taken

The main body of the Mahdist forces advance and attack the Belgian left flank

After repeated attacks the Belgian troops are finally overwhelmed and a number of companies are overrun.

The battle is over and the Belgians limp back in the Congo


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