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Battle of Rapid Ann Station – 1st battle in Our ACW Campaign

The Battle of Rapid Station is the first battle of a grand American Civil War campaign we are playing up here in Townsville. The lads have put together a number of brigades each. Four Union Brigades under John, Brian, Stan and Terry, all over basically six regiments each and one or two artillery batteries. On the Confederate side there are only three brigades of infantry under Dave (The Devastator), Dave Lowe and Josh, each of six to seven regiments each plus artillery. Both sides are also fielding at least three regiments of cavalry.

We started the campaign off in 1861 in order to have all units start at the same level of experience and through out the campaign or after each battle certain regiments will be able to upgrade their experience depending on how well they have fought in each battle.

Yesterdays battle was played by two Confederate Brigades under Dave & Dave and three Union Brigades under Stan, Terry and John. Initially both Dave Lowe and Stan were contesting the small railway station of Rapid Ann Va with Stan moving in from the North and Dave from the south. Once station was captured Stan was more then happy to deploy his brigade in defence hoping to hold back the Confederates and waiting for re-enforcements. Dave and his Confederate Brigade however had different ideas and charged Stan left with three regiments of infantry, over running a gun battery and routing a Union infantry regiment. 

But Dave’s victory was to be short lived as Terry’s brigade of six regiments and two artillery batteries arrived behind Stan in support. Then on the next turn another Union Brigade, under John, arrived on his flank….time to make a hasty withdrawal. 

At the same time as John’s Union Brigade arrived Dave the Devastator (Confederate) also arrived on the Union right, but he was too late to do any major damage to the Union forces and after firing a few rounds at some skirmishers also withdrew to continue the fight on another day. 

In all I think the boys enjoyed themselves and were happy with the out come of the days fighting. We used Regimental Fire and Fury as the rule system for the campaign and battle.

Dave’s attack on the Union left which carried the guns and routed a regiment of supporting troops

The fighting was in and around Rapid Station for about two hours before the Confederates withdrew

The arrival of Terry’s reserve brigade, six regiments and two batteries strong

The Confederates are pushed out of town

Devastating Dave’s Confederate Brigade hits the field but are too late to change the outcome of the days fighting

Zouaves from John’s Brigade advance during the last minutes of the battle deciding the fate of the Confederates and forcing them to withdraw


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  1. Thanks for the comments Guys. The Regiment Fire & Fury rule system make for a great game and the boys seem to have picked them up quick enough after a couple of small games, so now they are almost quick play.

    Thanks again


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