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Barricades – Empress Miniatures

My latest post is of some of the very nice barricades I have purchased from Empress Miniatures ‘Builders Yard’ range. They have three barricades available for mad keen gamers like Myself. The first barricade (pictured below)is a pile of dead horses, sandbags, boxes, mattress and other stuff lying about the street and makes for a great hasty barricade for any blackpowder period. 

The second barricade is of a more deliberate construction, designed to help hold ground for a long period of time and would not look out of place in any modern era street battle from the siege of Paris to the 2nd Spanish Civil War.

The last barricade could also be a hastily erected barricade of boxes, sandbags and a cart, which again would be very useful for the above mentioned periods. All the barricades featured have been painted by my good friend Leroy Simpson, who continues to paint some outstanding figures and terrain for my collection.


10 thoughts on “Barricades – Empress Miniatures”

  1. Thanks for the great comments everyone and I will pass them onto Leroy.

    Carlo yes indeed I do have them in stock but only one of each I sorry. However if you require more just let me know and I can order more stock in.



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