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Baroque ECW

I am sorry to all my loyal followers that I have not been able to do many posts over the last few weeks..but the new job has taken me away from my family and my hobby however, when I do get a chance to game I hope to put on a good show. The game Myself and John Maguire played yesterday was our first game of Baroque. A great system to play and very very enjoyable. Though we did miss a few minor rules which may or may not have changed the outcome of the game, we did still manage to pick up the system very easily and  are looking forward to playing again soon.
Our game was set up just in order to play test the rules and have a bash, so we just basically through down a few units per sides and rolled the dice. The Armies we picked were as you can see Scot Covenanters and Parliamentarian. The Parliamentarian Army list I thought may have been a little too good for the period they have listed and would suit the later New Model Army? Anyway I hope you like the images and please by all means grab yourself a set of the rules.

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