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Barksdale's Charge and the Fight for the Peach Orchard – Gettysburg 2nd Day

I have just uploaded a few images from a fantastic game of American Civil War (ACW) we played last Sunday at my house. The scenario was set on the 2nd day of the Battle of Gettysburg and focus around Barksdale’s Charge and the fight for the Peach Orchard.

I was going to use Regimental Fire and Fury (RFF) but I could not find my sets so we used Baroque rules with adjustments.

Unfortunately, Barksdale’s Charge did not go as planned and they were stopped by stern Union defence. However the Peach Orchard provided a nice small victory for the Confederates on their right flank…but did not win them the game. A great afternoon of gaming with some great fellows. 

Enjoy the images.



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