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Back in Ancients thanks to Impetvs

After about six years of not seeing daylight and living in the cupboard thanks to ‘Basic Impetvs’ I have finally dragged my Ancient Armies back out into the sunlight and onto the gaming table. Actually that is not quite true I have had a small number of units units out each Friday night, over the last month, learning how to play Impetvs. However yesterday I decided to double the Beta Army lists and create a larger Basic Impetvs game. 

During the afternoons game we had on one side an Alexandrian Imperial Army and on the other a Classical Indian Army. Both fielded by Generals with the same name…’Dave’…Dave Lowe and Dave Hancox. Neither general had played Impetvs and using the Basic set was a fantastic way to introduce them to the system.

Our game was not about who could win but more about learning…however the Classical Indian Army did eventually win…those damned elephants were a little hard to overcome. But I think both the Dave’s enjoyed the experience and will hopefully come back for more.

Classical Indian Light Infantry

All my Alexandrian figures were re-based a few years ago by a good friend, Scott Robertson, who has put his personal touch to the units. This one has a dead elephant in the ranks, another has a destroyed scythed chariot.

The silver shields

Massed Indian Elephants. My whole Indian Army is Old Glory.

Defeat came when two of the Macadonian pike blocks were hit in the flanks by Elephants…nasty


20 thoughts on “Back in Ancients thanks to Impetvs”

  1. How good does it all look! Fantastic mate. Myself and Gavin (shanks) are due to have our first full Impetus game (which has been loooong overdue) in the next couple of weeks.

    Thanks for sharing, amazing as always

  2. Thanks Nate,

    Good to hear you and Gav are still gaming. The Basic Impetvs rules are a great start to get the 'dice rolling'. and there is a youtube chip, which proves a great introduction to the system. I hope you enjoy the rules.



  3. Looking fantastic Nathan. You know how much I enjoy Impetus myself mate and will take your advice and use the Basic Impetus set to introduce the boys into Ancients. What a great looking game. Scotty did a great job on those Macedonians in terms of basing!!

  4. Beautiful armies indeed. I would not keep them hiding in the cupboard for that long. I have been building a tad bit smaller scale BI (later to be expanded) armies and eventually will also field Classical Indians. They appear to have really efficient army of combined arms. Infantry being able to fire at long range and then hit relatively hard is also pretty good, but the elephants en masse are something to look with awe. Anything bad to say about them?

    Oh, forgot, elephants do not like shooting things, and they do not have impetus bonus against skirmishers in close combat, so that might be a way to stop the stampeding grey wall of death.

  5. Thanks for all the great comments everyone and I am happy to read you all liked the photos….I promise there will be more as our club plays more games.



  6. Thnaks Paulalba and Roma912 for your comments. I am just about finished painting two units of late period Thracians, which will be up during the next couple of days.



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