Back Home in Oz and My USA Tour has come to an End


After just over five months my trip to the United States has finally come to a close. I have to admit I did have a great time traveling the sites and training the US Marines but my high light would have to be my visit to Virginia, where my good friend Larry and his lovely wife Joan, who shared their house and showed me the numerous battlefields in the local area. Gettysburg and Antietam were incredibly moving. I would also like to thank all who contacted me and I regret that we never caught up for a game, roll of the dice or a beer…work was just to busy. But now that I am home I mean to up the gaming for the new year with lots of ACW and a little Napoleonic hardcore gaming.

Union guns at Gettysburg Center Ridge

Union graves at Gettysburg

Part of the Gettysburg Cinorama

The Virginian Memorial at Gettysburg

Joshua Tree National Park

Serria Mountains California

Hawthorn – Mountain Scout/Sniper course

Rail fences at Antietam

Memorial to the Irish Brigade at Antietam

A not so wild Buffalo

Myself and SSGT Andy Giermann – Marine Corps Birthday Ball 2010

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