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awi Reinforcements

Wow, it has been some time since I have managed to add a new post, as work and family commitments have been the priority of late. However, during that time I managed to finish two small painting commissions and have just finished repainting and rebasing some additional AWI Militia and a unit of French Infantry for my AWI collection.

The figures were offered to me by a good friend, and at a price I could not turn away from. In the collection were three French AWI Infantry units and several American Militia units.

With some time off work this week, I took the opportunity to rebase and repaint the first three units. The first French unit in the images is the Saintonge Regiment, which fought at the Battle of Yorktown. I also have a unit of Grenadier (in Bearskin on the painting table to support this unit).

Both the French and the Militia, have been rebased for my Sharp Practice collection.

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