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Australian Fire Support Base – Vietnam

Last week I was invited to the Second Battalion, Royal Australian Regimental Museum to view their outstanding collection, which provided the history of the Battalion from 1946 to the present days. However, hidden in one of the corners of the museum I found this fantastic diorama portraying an Australian Fire Support Base during the later stages of our countries involvement in the Vietnam War.  I also found out that two members of our local wargaming club (Dave Lowe and Terry Moran)had made and donated the diorama to the museum a number of years ago. I have to admit the guys have done a fantastic job. They have even included a small clearing patrol, a section of APC’s departing the FireBase, and another section of ACP’s loading up with a platoon of infantry, supporting tanks, and many more small additions.

Centurion tanks (a little damaged over time)
The gun line
The clearing patrol
A platoon of infantry mounting up in APC’s before going out on patrol
Mortar platoon with three sections of mortars conducting a fire support mission
Departing section of APC’s with an infantry platoon on board
One section of APC’s remains in support of the firebase

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