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Australia Day Weekend – English Civil War

Today the Lonely Gamers Club (I guess we are not lonely now?) played a very nice English Civil War game. It was the first time we had ever played ECW even though we had collections going back a good couple of years. Brian Buskell and Terry Moran played a Scottish Covenator army and Leroy Simpson (yes he does play sometimes…when we can drag him away from his painting) and Peter Hall played a very nice Royalist army.
The scenario we played was a flank attack on the defending Convenator army. Thus the Royalist were to ensure that they had both their cavalry brigades flank marching and the Conenators were to start the game with three brigades in reserve and off the table.

Both side field fairly large armies however the Royalist had the advantage in cavalry with six units (including a unit of Dragoons) to only four deployed with the Scottish army. Brian and Terry however deployed their forces well and were able to counter this treat with good use of terrain and pike.

For our first ECW game it went surprising smooth and the boys seemed to have enjoyed themselves and the rules…..which is always a plus. The figures were all painted by a mix of artist including our own Leroy Simpson, Andrew Parr and David Imrie to name a few. So there were some very nicely painted units on the board. Any way I think I have down loaded about 38 images from the game for you.
Till the next post please enjoy…Vinnie


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  1. Thanks for the comments guys, I try to put on a nice game when I can. The surgeon you all like and the command stands I think were all painted by David Imrie and the stone walls are from Architects of war.



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