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Artizan – Wild West (Dead Man's Hand)

After playing a night of Dead Man’s Hand, at the club last week, I thought I might try my luck and paint up a gang for myself. So these fine lads were the end product of one days painting. They are all from the great Artizan Wild West Range and are very compatible with the DMH figures. I used three Artizan pack (as they come three to a blister) to form my gang of Pinkerton Detectives. The codes I used were the Pinkerton Detectives I & II plus the Cowboys Posse II blister. In the end I am most happy with the out come. So please enjoy.

Two Pinkerton’s and a Cowboy in the middle

Pinkerton Detectives

Pinkerton and Cowboy (on the right)

Last cowboy

And the Pinkerton Bossman 


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