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"To Arms, To Arms!!"

The 1st Annual Australian Colonial Championships will be held for the first time in my home town of Townsville, Queensland, over the 22/23 June 2013. This is the first time to my knowledge of any colonial competition being held here, unless it was a long time ago before I started rolling the dice? The competition will centre on colonial warfare during the Victorian Era in Africa or to be more specific in Egypt, Sudan, Transvaal, Zululand and Central Africa over the period 1875 – 1902. The armies we are expecting to see fielded will be from those respective Nations and the Colonial Powers involved in the conflicts during that period.
Andrew Parr is writing a special addition of  Fortune & Glory for Colonial gaming which will be the rules set used for the competition. On nomination or interest in participating a set of rules to be emailed out to your home email account. The rules will detail all basing requirements, points system, Army lists and the easy to learn rule system which competition will be using.
Entry costs is $30.00 Aust which will cover the cost of the hall hire and prizes.
Any other information you might require drop me an email on or phone on 07 47210169 for more details.
Nathan Vinson (Vinnie)

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