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Anglo-Zulu War Command Stand – Empress Miniatures

I have just finished painting a new command stand for my Anglo-Zulu War collection. These fine lads are from the fantastic Empress Miniatures Anglo-Zulu War range. The foot figures are from code: ZWB07 or four figures command pack and the mounted figures are from code: ZWB22 Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Burmester Pulleine and Lieutenant Melvill. The figures could also be easlily used for the 1st Boer War and the Anglo-Egyptian War of 1882. I may have used a little too much green flock on the base, however it had been raining heavily at the start of the campaign….well that is my excuse. 


15 thoughts on “Anglo-Zulu War Command Stand – Empress Miniatures”

  1. Vinnie, I feel your pain in regards to painting horses. I hate painting them.

    These look great, though!

    Coincidentally, I taught my geography class about the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879 today.

    1. Champion stuff I hope they enjoyed the lesson? This period is one of my favourite periods in the Victorian period. Three wars with three military disasters in three years…poor Victoria would have been fuming

  2. Bravo Vinnie:
    Once again, cracking work. You capture the style of the period, and do the Empress figures full justice. Damn my eyes, I want to do this period bad when I see how nice it can look.
    PS – I don't think the flocking looks too green, it's a nice accent, ties in with the green on the tunic cuffs.

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