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Ancient Greeks – Hoplite Casualties

After playing a few games of Basic Impetvs I thought my Greek Army missed something and that something was some casualty markers to represent my units when they are disordered. Up until the other day I have just been using small dice as markers however after looking at the Warlord Games website, for other goodies, I found these little beauties. The blister comes with 12 Greek Hoplite casualties however there is only three different figures and one of those is missing a hand.
The figures do paint up well and I painted these lads up this morning for our game tonight. So quite and easy to paint.
Casualty One
Casualty Two
Casualty Three has his hand covered and shield uppermost.

16 thoughts on “Ancient Greeks – Hoplite Casualties”

  1. Thanks for the comments again lads. The figures did seem a little small however as casualties and placed on a base it does not really matter. So they fit in nicely with my armies, whcih are a mix of Blacktree Greeks, AA Miniatures and Vendel Miniatures…plus a few Foundry lads mixed in.

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