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American Civil War at Adam's House – Gettysburg Game


I have just uploaded this splendid ACW game Adam Burke (pictured above) and Andrew Parr played last weekend. The game scenario was the first day of Gettysburg with Heths divisional attack. Heth did not make it this day and failed to obtain his objectives leaving the Union forces as victors….

The whole collection of wonderfully painted figures belong to Adam as to does the terrain, which Adan has been scratch building over the years. I would love to do the same one day, but space and a beautiful wife have kept me restricted. However please enjoy the images of the game and thank you Adam for allowing me to place them up on the blog….enjoy


17 thoughts on “American Civil War at Adam's House – Gettysburg Game”

  1. Thanks for sharing the games room figures and terrain are great I guess I am not the only wargamer who is very jealous at the moment.
    Peace James

  2. A very fine looking game!

    I notice in shot 23, that the player (presumably Confederate) is barefoot. THAT'S real attention to historical detail! I'm sure he's heard that there is a supply of boots, in Gettysburg. 😉

    Cheers, Simon

  3. A great day out for the Lads, I have not played on Adams table for some time, great to see Andrew playing the dastardly Confederate!


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