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Ambush in Zulu Land 1879.

Our second game for the night was this nasty little Zulu War game between myself, Stand Crabbe and Terry Moran. To set the scene I used the ‘Ambush’ scenario from Andrew Parr’s Colonial rule set ‘Breach Loader & Rifle. So if you were the defender (as I was) your troops had a small four inch corridor to first deploy on and you had to deploy all your troops first. The attackers or ‘Ambushers’ would then place all their non flanking troops onto the board….and the rest would be history. 

My first deployment – the majority of my troops were Mounted Infantry with a small number of Natal Native Contingent.
It was to prove a very tough battle for the Imperial Forces. My centre was first broken and the NNC ran for the hills after the first contact. The other troops managed to hold their ground for another two to three turns, inflicting a number of casualties on the Zulus, but never enough to destroy one of the Impi’s.

But after five turn my centre and right flank was finally destroyed, the re-supply wagons and porters overwhelmed and half my troops either running or dead…a very nasty day for the Royal Britannia.  

Imperial Mounted Infantry dismount and deliver a rapid fire onto the advancing Zulus and hold the left flank of my column.

My Boer allies also dismount to assist in saving my left flank

A company of NNC fail to form and are overrun in the second turn of the game

Unable to cross the fast flowing Buffalo River British troops can only offer token support to my ambushed troops

Not more Zulus but a strong contingent of NNC come up from the rear of the column and help in saving the left flank of my army…thanks Chaps

Another attacked stopped dead by cold hard steal and the Martini Henry

Mounted once again the IMI charge a Zulu Impi

The baggage train is captured and stripped of all valuable goods

After a gallant fight my Natal Mounted Police are over run and killed to the last man.

14 thoughts on “Ambush in Zulu Land 1879.”

  1. Thanks Lads for the comments, there will be more Colonial warfare coming up over the Christmas break. We are going to go back to the Sudan and then into the North West Frontier.



  2. Very entertaining write up. The pics are great. Well painted figures by the way. The ones carrying the loot are my favourites. I love how such small things add atmosphere to a game.

  3. A superb collection and photography Vinne, as always.
    Is that a terrain mat that you are using, as it looks very effective?
    Look forward to seeing those colonial games over the xmas period.

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