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Adventure Miniatures

The images I have just loaded are hot off Victor Perrys’ painting table. Victor is also the owner of Adventure Miniatures and produces these fine ACW figures. The range was designed and originally owned by Mark Fenlon who then sold the range on due to poor health. Victor however has rejuvenated the range under the new name of Adventure Miniatures and has been very busy designing new variations to this great little range. We are very lucky to have him living in Singleton and close by, so hopefully the regiments he has just painted will see a little action very shortly..please enjoy.


8 thoughts on “Adventure Miniatures”

  1. They are really unique looking figures – very nice….

    I have a question about the Confederate regiment with the red kepi's… I think the flag is South Carolina, but what's the story behind the regiment – I thought red kepi/cuffs was artillery??? They look really good – tempting enough to make me get my brushes out again perhaps!

  2. Hello Steve,

    Victor has painted the guys with the red kepis as McClellan's Zouaves. You are correct they were from South Carolina. There are two illustrations of them one is on plate 56 of 'Uniforms of the Civil War' by Philip Haythornthwaite and the other is from the History & Collections Series on the American Civil War. Not sure what page or plate…sorry. Nice uniform though and will look good in contrast to the plain grey and butter nut of my confederate units.

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