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ACW Mounted Officers – Adventure Miniatures Australia

Adventure Miniatures Australia is soon to bring out some great new additions to their already fantastic ACW range. Victor Perry’s latest figures are some beautiful mounted officers (designed by EBob). They are Generals Sherman, William Dorsey Pender (pictured above), Barksdale, A.P. Hill, Maxcy Grieg and lastly the Wheats Tiger Zouaves mounted officer. So seven new mounted officers in total. The figures are going straight into a mould as soon as the arrive in a week or so and should be released in the next few weeks along with the 1st Virginia Cavalry.

General W.T. Sherman
Generals Barksdale, Maxcy Grieg and A.P. Hill

General William Dorsey Pender, Mounted Zouave Officer for Wheats Tigers, and Union General W.T. Sherman

General William Dorsey Pender

Mounted Zouave Officer for Wheats Tigers

                                                                 General A.P. Hill


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