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Action West of Tobruk

Another great game of Chain of Command was played the other weekend with Dave, Terry, and Brain using the supplement for Big Chain of Command, with the British 8th Army lads on the attack and the Africa Korps trying to hold the line.

Dave and Terry command the German forces with a full Panzer Grenadier platoon (1943), supported by a PAK38 and a Mark Ill. Dave also picked a medic and an additional senior leader to assist.

On the British side (commanded by Brian) we fielded a British Rifle Platoon (1942), with a universal carrier section, two Crusader IIIs, a Vickers MMG and, a 6pdr. As the British were on the attack, I allowed them to field 20pts of support. The Germans had 12 points of support.

This was the first time we played such a large game and due to all the units deployed on the table, you had to ensure your senior commanders were positioned well and able to use their capabilities to create the desired results. This was what Brian did very well. By mid-way through the game, Brian was able to deploy both his senior leaders, which allowed the Platoon Sergeant the freedom to command the support assets such as the 6pdr AT gun, the Vickers Team, and, the light mortar team, whilst his Platoon Commander directed two sections in to attack on the German position.

Dave and Terry unfortunately, were not able to hold back the British advance and in the final phases of the game, they were overwhelmed, though in the first few turns they did manage to slow the advance in some areas, knocking out a tank and forces the carrier section to seek hardcover. But with the loss of their Mark Ill their ability to do some real damage faded and to halt the British advance was lost.

A great game and many thanks to Terry, Dave, and, Brian. Thanks also to John who supplied the British and German armour for the game

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