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Action on the Tunisian Front

Yesterday myself and John Maguire played another great game of Bolt Action. On both sides, we played with a 1250pt army, though more reliant on infantry than armour. This was the second game we had played and the understanding of the rules has been quite easy and fast to learn. The watching of a couple of YouTube battle runs also certainly helped.

Again John supplied the fantastic terrain and figures for the game, whose collection certainly makes you want to go and buy more figures……but what army to start with??

Our game played very well. The scenario was No:2 Meeting Engagement, which had both sides starting deployment 24 inches apart for the opening more. The victory was gained if after six turns winner had two additional victory points at the end of the game. This time my Africa Korps lads gained a sweet victory over the 8th Army lads. Though I did lose most of my infantry including the platoon commander.

The German mortar spotter takes up a position on a rooftop.

John’s Bren gun carrier shoots up along the table edge.

A Churchill heavy tank rumbles past the main village.

German troops advance on the British right flank

A fire mission goes in

British troops take cover from mortar fire and German small arms fire

Another German squad cautiously moves to the edge of the town

German snipers take up an over watch position in the town

The British Commander orders an attack on the town

But the Germans have beaten him to it.

A Mk IV moves up to support the German left flank to attack.

British troops open fire on advancing German infantry.

A bayonet charge by a British section halts the German advance on the British right and takes a small building

The British Bren gun carrier is caught in the open and attacked by a squad of German troops and destroyed.

The German HQ’s defeats the British section in the building but he has lost two squads in the process.

A German MMG lays down suppressive fire

German troops take the town and dominate the centre of the table

The last remaining British section and PHQ make one last desperate attack on the village but are too late.

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  1. Thank you Phil for the great comments. Yes that radio operator is fantastic. We only noticed the monkey after the game when we were packing up.



  2. Thanks for the great comments again everyone. I have just started gaming WWII again so please forgive me in regard to the repeated period posts.



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