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A Small Raid Across the Boarder – North West Frontier

Last night myself Brian and Dave got together and played  anise little North West Frontier game using Andrew Parr’s “Breach Loader & Rifle” Colonial rules. Each side fielded a 750pt army with 20pts left over for special assets. Brian played on the side of the British Empire and Myself and Dave the forces of the National Afghan Army.

The British Colonial Forces were consisted of three Brigades, one Cavalry Brigade (two regiments of Bengal Lancers), one Indian Infantry Brigade (four regiments 2nd Class Infantry) and one combined Gurkha/Highlander Brigade (two Gurkha units and one Highlander). In support for Brian was a nasty belt fed vickers machine gun detachment.

Our fateful Afghans also fielded three brigades, one of cavalry (two Warrior cavalry and one regular cavalry), one Afghan regular infantry Brigade (six regular infantry and one guard unit) and one complete warrior brigade ( two units of skirmishers and two fanatical warrior units). In support we had two batteries of artillery……and they did some good work.

The scenario we rolled for was ‘Assault’. This was where both objective markers were placed in the defenders zone and only the attacker could flank march and the the defender had to have two brigades in reserve. Brian was of course the attacker and Dave and myself the defenders of Islam.

Now one would of thought with breach loading rifles, lancer armed cavalry and a machine gun battery the Afghans would have had their arses handed to them…however with some champion dice rolling from Dave and myself we manage to give Brian one of the biggest defeats he has ever received. Both his cavalry and Indian Brigades for defeated in turn and destroyed. Thus his only remaining brigade conducted a hasty retreat.

Afghan regulars move up in support of the Afghan Guard unit in the village

There was a mighty clash of horse flesh on the Afghan left flank as the Indian Lancer Brigade tried repeatedly to break through.

The cavalry clash on the flack of the table went on for at least four turns but saw the Afghan  Tribal Warriors slowly overwhelm the Indians and forced them from the table with heavy loses. 

The only real victory for the Indian Brigade was the capture of the village….but they only manage to hold for two turns before they were in turn forced out by Dave’s aggressive leadership.

After three attempts to bring on our final Brigade they finally arrived and were the hammer against the anvil. Their presence alone forced the Imperial line to fall back and finally give was to a powerful flank attack.

More Afghan irregular artillery deploys and fire canister into the Indians

The great Afghan marksmen take up a defensive position behind one of main stone walls and fire volley after volley into the advancing Imperialists 

“Well my dear chap I think we are screwed……care for a Gin & Tonic?”

The Indian flank crumbles 

Down to half a section the MG crews stand by their guns

Victorious Afghan cavalry move into position to harass the enemy rearguard
Afghan Regular artillery played a keen roll in lasts nights battle

The last victory for the Gurkha’s – defeating a lone Afghan unit, just prior to their withdrawal 

16 thoughts on “A Small Raid Across the Boarder – North West Frontier”

  1. Thanks for the comments guys…ah yes the old sheep were herded around in between the battle lines all game.

    The figures on the Afghan side are a mix of Old Glory and Wargames Foundry. The Imperial forces are a good mix of Foundry, Perry and Cast a Way Arts miniatures.

    The rules are not yet up for sale but please drop me an email and I will send you through a set.



  2. Wonderfull!!Just bought some 20 mm Red Box Colonial Infantry and Afghan Warriors and already ordered a big deal of them plus Hat Colonials…so i would be very intersted in your rules..

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