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A Small Italian Village – Designed by Peter Power

This great little creation was put together by Peter Power, one of the members of our club. It was his first attempt at making scratch built terrain for wargaming. For his first attempt it is damn impressive. Apparently he spent most of his Christmas holidays in the garage sweating over its’ construction. The village is designed for the 15mm gamer and for Peter his Flames of War. The buildings are made out of a mix of ply wood, foam card and paddle pop sticks, with the church as the main building he has even used colored plastic for the tinted windows at the back of the church. The building colors were first white, but that made it look to Greek so he has change the color to shades of light brown, just to give a more Italian feel. All the buildings have detachable roofs and for the larger buildings, the floors can be separated. In all a very impressive first attempt. Peter has also designed a number of other buildings, vineyards, olive groves and roads to place on the table.


10 thoughts on “A Small Italian Village – Designed by Peter Power”

  1. All,

    Thank you for the great comments for Peter. I passed them on today (as his computer is down) and he was very delighted with all your comments.



  2. Hello Again, what did your friend use to make the camo netting rolled up on the tanks. I'm painting up my British Platoon at the moment and It won't be long before I start the armour. It's very effective what ever It is….exellent stuff.

  3. Camo netting. Sorry cannot remember who it was available through. Postioned onto the tank with watered down white glue and the "strips" are just an interesting bit of fabric cut and stuck on the same as the netting. IfI remember the company will let you know as it is pretty good stuff.

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